How to transfer plasmids????

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>> Hello, Netters,
>> As I  move back to Japan soon, I am going to take some kinds of plasmid 
>> containig cDNA with me in my bag.
>> Is it OK to brinig them in RT without precipitating or drying? The travel 
>> will take about 3 days. If possible, I will keep them in the freezer or 
>> fredge during the stay in hotel and the fright.
>> Would you tell me if this is OK or diffinetely NOT?

>I keep my plasmid collection since many years in TE at room temperature;
>they are just fine.

TE at RT is okay if you definitely never ever get any nuclease contaminations
from cultures or any other sources in the lab and/or are not sampling from
the solutions too often.  For years I never had this problem, but then a 
change of lab zapped a whole lot of my DNA.

I have successfully transported EtOH pptd and dried down DNA in eppendorf
(at room temp.) 
with no trouble and kept such samples for years in a 4C fridge with no loss
of DNA.  Even if you've got your boss's permission, if you have lots of
samples you might have to sort something out with customs/the airline when
you check in to make sure there are no nasty misunderstandings.  I haven't
had much trouble this way when going to Japan, but have had to make sure
it is all done by the letter, including labelling of samples and boxes as
biohazards and informing the airline/security on check in to avoid X-rays
and lengthy explanations when leaving Japan and returning to Australia.

Yoroshiku, Pete Kaub <p-kaub at>

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