what's an easy way to look for cell death?

Robert W. St. G. Fisher, IV fisher at radonc.unc.edu
Tue Jan 30 15:45:22 EST 1996

Another alternative (if you have access to a florescence microscope) 
is to fix the cells, stain with PI, and look for apoptosis.  All you 
need is propidium iodide, methanol, and acetic acid (all pretty 
cheap). You should be able to identify apoptotic bodies (spit out 
pieces of chromatin in a cytoplasmic envelope) as well as whole 
cells undergoing apoptosis (condensed, 'blobby' nuclei, etc. etc. 

It would probably be a good idea to get someone who actually knows 
what the apoptosic morphology looks like....

Alternatively, you could use flow cytometry...i know it can be done 
but don't know the details.  Any flow people care to elaborate?

And Boehringer Mannheim has an apoptosis ELISA which was $209 last 

hope this helps...
Robert Fisher

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