Nuclear extracts from peripheral blood lymphocytes

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> In our hands, the trick was to reduce the NP40 concentration to get intact
> nuclei. Most of the "quick/small scale" protocols worked fine with reduced
> NP40. With the human Reh cell line for example, I used 0.05% NP40 instead
> of the usual 0.5% in the lysis buffer. you can test each cell line
> individually by staining the nuclei with trypan blue to see that the NP40
> concentration is sufficient to permeabilize the plasma membrane.
> Kristin

We will certainly try this but the crucial point here is that we are using
normal peripheral blood lymphocytes which seem to be a lot more
troublesome than cell lines.  Have you used this protocol succesfully with
normal PBL?

Also, we tried a detergentless protocol, as suggested by Emmanuel Scoufos
in this group, but didn't seem to get back much protein that bound to our
probe (AP-1).  It seems that a fine titration of detergent may be in


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