Antibody against phosphoserine/threonine

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In article <31D7ED66.3535 at>, Stephane Ory <Stephane.Ory at ens-> writes:
> Does anyone know where antibody against phosphoserine and 
> phosphothreonine are available ? 
> Thanks per advance 

Monoclonals are available from Sigma but when we tested them, they were not 
useful.  Phosphoserine and phosphothreonine are about 100-1000X more abundant 
in proteins that phosphotyrosine so you need an additional level of 
specificity.  A number of companies are selling antibodies to proteins that 
only detect those proteins if a particular ser/thr/tyr residue is 
phosphorylated.  See NEB and UBI catalogues for example.

Examples of phospho-specific antibodies to the following proteins:

tau (microtubule-associated protein, various ser/thr)
Jun (ser 63)
STAT 3 (tyr 705)
ERK1/2 (tyr 204)
p38 MAPK
CREB (ser 133)

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