Beckman JLA-10.5 rotor problems?

S. James Remington jim at
Mon Jul 1 17:00:23 EST 1996

We have recently had a bad accident with a Beckman J2-HS centrifuge using the
new JLA-10.5 rotor. The rotor, spindle and chamber were destroyed when the
aluminum cap came off of one of the carbon fiber insert bottles. We believe
that the accident was due to a design flaw which permitted the O-ring in the
cap to become unseated and caught between the cap and bottle threads as the
operator was tightening the cap. We would like to know if anyone else has
experienced this problem, and if so, to notify Beckman Instruments that the
problem is or can be widespread. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
S. James Remington                         e-mail jim at 

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