DIG Northerns

chriso at dfrc.wisc.edu chriso at dfrc.wisc.edu
Mon Jul 1 11:27:50 EST 1996

Hello........we are not doing Northerns, but we are slot blotting RNA 
and probing with DNA oligos w/ Dig labels.........I/we have used BM's 
Genius system all along because it is a non-rad system, and because 
their long gone rep for our area was incredibly helpful in getting us 
going on this project.  We have detected down to the 1 ng level of RNA 
on our nylon membranes.  Never compared to P32, as I didnt even begin 
down that road = much too complicated.  We are still using what is 
left of our Lumiphos, but will/must change over to
CDPstar etc soon.  Currently expose our membranes to BM film for 3 
hours at room temp and it works fine.

Any specific questions, I can go into more detail.


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