Denni Schnapp ds4 at
Tue Jul 2 06:06:04 EST 1996

Hi folks, ever since the alarming message appeared that the Swissprot-database
was in danger of closing, I have been wondering what is going on. Since nobody
has followed the thread, here is an update.

No satisfactory long-term solution has been found, but the database is recei-
ving 6 months financial support (until Dec. 31st) from Geneva and the European
Union is consulting, so I hope they can overcome their bureaucracy and pro-
mise more long-term support. In addition to this, the database has received
some support from Millenium Pharmaceuticals (no affiliation) and is hoping
for additional industry support.

More than 1500 people or institution have contacted the staff a Swissprot
with messages of support. For current updates contact:

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