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The Div. of Experimental Medicine at McGill University has been running a
Job Listing Page
for several months.

The result is a very diverse and efficient job listing service for
Canadian and North American biomedical jobs.  If you are looking for work
as a Ph.D., Post Doc or as a tenured Professor come take a look. 

As well, please submit any job listings you may have for consideration for
posting at our site, by email.  Please try to include information as seen
on the existing pages.

Thanks for your time

G. Dellaire
dellaire at
Current Listings:


     Meakins-Christie Fellowship, McGill Dept. of Medicine

Positions Available:

Montreal area

   1.McGill General
          2 Positions available in the laboratory of Dr. B. Leyland-Jones 
          Posted June 25th/96 

          Molecular Genetics; Differentiation and Development; Oncology;
Immunology; and Gene Therapy (post doctoral positions available)
          Posted July 3rd/96 

          1 Position available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Guy
          Posted June 25th/96 

   3.Lady Davis Institute
          1 Position (Ph.D.) in the laboratory of Dr. Prem Ponka 
          Posted April 9/96 

   4.Royal Victoria Hospital
          1 Position (Ph.D.) in the laboratory of Dr. Geoffrey Hendy
          Posted March 20/96 

          1 Position (Ph.D.) in the laboratory of Dr. David Goltzman 
          Posted May 21/96 

   5.Montreal General Hospital 
          1 Position (Post-Doc) in the laboratory of Dr. Guy A. Rouleau 
          Posted May 4/96 

          Research Nurse Coordinator (part time position) 
          DEADLINE July 1/96 

Toronto area

   1.2 tenure track Positions University of Toronto Depts. of Biochemistry
& Medical Genetics and Microbiology 
     DEADLINE Sept. 1/96

   2.3 tenure track Positions University of Toronto Dept. of Medical
Genetics and Microbiology 
     DEADLINE August 15/96 

   3.Banting & Best Dept of Medical Research 
     tenure-track position University of Toronto
     DEADLINE JUNE 15/96

   4.Samuel Lunenfeld Post-Doctoral Fellowship 
     Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital 
     Posted April 26th/96 

Edmonton, Alberta Area

   1.Several Positions at IntelliGene Expressions, Inc. (Edmonton Alberta)
     Posted July 3rd/96

Vancouver, B.C. area

   1.1 position Catalyx Group Biopharmaceuticals 
     Posted June 16th/96 

   2.1 position University of BC Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology
Research Associate 
     Posted July 3rd/96 

   3.1 position University of BC Microbiology one year research position 
     Posted July 3rd/96 

Outside of Canada

1. United States

   1.1 Position as Chair of Dept.'s of Biochemistry and Microbiology
     University of North Texas 
     Posted April 4th/96

   2.1 Position as Chair of Pharmacology Department
     Tulane University, New Orleans, Lousianna
     DEADLINE July 15, 1996. 

   3.1 Position Director of Biotechnology Facility 
     Indiana University (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) 
     Posted May 22nd/96 

   4.1 Position Prefessor and Chair 
     Medical College of Ohio (Toledo, Ohio) 
     Posted May 22nd/96 

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