Rifampicin activity

Mikhail Alexeyev malexeyev at biost1.thi.tmc.edu
Thu Jul 4 15:26:32 EST 1996

In article <nico.13.004426D7 at lmb1.rug.ac.be>, nico at lmb1.rug.ac.be wrote:

> In article <31CA186E.61AE at uci.edu> bparekh at UCI.EDU (Wes Hatfield) writes:
> >Does anyone know how long rifampicin is goof for once it is preapared in 
> >ethanol?  In my hands it appears to loose activity in a couple of days, 
> >as judged by in vitro transcription assays.  Thank you
> Thats right, rifampicin is best made up fresh just before use, in ethanol or 

I used to prepare 3-5ml of 50 mg/ml rifampicin in DMSO and used it for at
least couple of month untill it is being used up. Stores at +4C.

I must mention that I used it for selection of resistant E. Coli at 50-100

Hope this helps.


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