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Thu Jul 4 17:56:19 EST 1996

Rick Nicholson wrote:
> We had some early temperature problems with our DNA Engine.  It seems
> that they were caused by adding mineral oil to the wells in the block.
> This practice was recommended in the early versions of MJR's manual.
> They later determined that this oil actually was not good for the
> machine and later versions of the manual do not recommend adding
> mineral oil to the wells.  Unfortunately they failed to inform those
> of us who had already bought the machine until we complained about it
> not working properly anymore.  They replaced the faulty block and it
> has worked perfectly, oil free, ever since.  I insisted that they give
> me an internal-sample probe which I use to periodically confirm that
> temperatures are remaining correct across the block.  I am very happy
> with the machine now and have just bought another one, and also a
> neighboring lab which has previously used ours has purchased one for
> themselves and are very happy with it.

I was thinking of buying one of these machines but am now worried because of 
the different postings on the subject. I would be grateful if you could let 
me know for what and how often you use your machine.

Thank you

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