Imanishi-Kari coverage

David C. Parker parkerd at
Fri Jul 5 12:14:39 EST 1996

lhom at (Louis Hom) wrote:
>So the Imanishi-Kari case has been closed -- can anyone recommend some good
>articles about the final events? 
Imanishi-Kari won her appeal, and the appeal board was scathing in it's 
opinion of the investigation.  You can download the whole document (200+ 
pages) on the web at <> under "What's New".  The first 
part of the appeals panel decision is a very good read.  Or you can read the 
news articles and editorials in the NY Times and the Washington Post around 
June 22 to 27 (also on line on the web).  There is also a fine article that 
came out before the appeal panel decision in the New Yorker, May 27th.

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