Rep : Elisa for Q-RT-PCR

Mr SHIRE David David.SHIRE at
Fri Jul 5 01:50:20 EST 1996

> to avoid handling with radioactive dNTPs, we cuurently plan to establish 
> a ELISA method for mRNA determination. A biotinylated capture primer 
> attaches the PCR product to a streptavidin coated microplate. The 
> captured DNA is then detected after annealing wiht DIG labeled primers.
> Has anybody experiences with this method? Any recommendations would be 
> appreciated. 
> Thanks
> Franz Weilbach
> Neurol Dept Uni Wuerzburg
> > 

Your talking about the Boehringer-Mannheim method. I haven't used it myself, but Dominique Emilie at INSERM uses it regularly and seems happy with it - except for the expense, and it's true that it's ridiculously expensive. He's published the method in Eur. Cytokine Netw. 6, 257-264 (1995).


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