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> We have a problem with the preparation of high quality DNA from polyphenolic containing plants such as chicory. The DNA isolation method we use now is a
> standard CTAB isolation with 0,5% sodiumbisulfite and 1% PVP. A brown coloured substance often copurified with the chicory DNA even after rigorous purification.
> The brown material interferes with the PCR and gives bad, and sometimes none, bandingpatterns.
> Can anyone send us a fast DNA isolation method to avoid polyphenol contamination of the final DNA preparation.
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I used a method for extracting total nucleic acids from citrus which was a
combination of two papers:  Dellaporta, Wood,and Hicks (1983) Plant
Molecular Biology Reporter Vol 1. No 4 p 19-21 and Rowhani, CHay,
Golino and Falk (1993) Phytopathology Vol 83, No 7 p749-753 "Development
of a Reverse Transcriptase PCR Technique..."..  These methods gave me very
clean DNA, whereas  the previous method always gave me brown DNA which
inhibited the PCR.  This method takes about 1 day to do.  Good luck,
Michelle Gleeson
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