ligation help!!

luis brieba lgbrieba at MAIL.MTY.ITESM.MX
Tue Jul 9 20:07:19 EST 1996


	I need to do a cohesive end ligation. I tried with two diferentes=20
ligases of the same lot and I can=B4t transform DH5alfa. I have doubts=20
about the quality of those ligases, due that the control plasmids=20
always transforms. Those ligases arrives one year ago and until now is=20
in use. By the way, another ligase (high concentracion 2,000 U/ul) is=20
in the lab, but I don=B4t know if I may do my experiments with this=20
ligase, I mean if afther do a dilution of the high concentracion =20
ligase the number of units (20)  can affect my experiments???


																															Luis Brieba

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