IMPORTANT - METHODS newsgroup index is fixed!

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Tue Jul 9 14:00:53 EST 1996

Important details for BIOSCI/bionet newsgroup archive users - please
read carefully!!

I posted a note yesterday announcing the release of our new Sun
computer system and mentioning a few problems that we found and were
working on.  Those problems have been fixed, i.e., the address
database WAIS index is working again and the METHODS newsgroup WAIS
index has been redone.  All of these features are accessible on the
Web at

Frequently occurring terms such as PCR were unfortunately being
dropped from the METHODS index in the past because the upper limit of
the number of occurances for the term had been exceeded.  Dave Mack
has now fixed this problem with the help of a software patch from Don
Gilbert at Indiana U.

Please note, of course, that searches on terms like "PCR" can bring up
a lot of hits, so it makes much more sense to use the booleans (and,
not) and truncation operators (*) supported by freeWAIS, e.g.,

PCR and sequenc* not DNA

will bring up messages that contain the text "PCR" and any words
starting with "sequenc" (sequence, sequencing, etc.) but not "DNA."
Terms do not occur in any specific order in the message.

Please note that since the WAIS indexes are produced from the
hypermail archive, sometimes the hits are in the navigational
information at the top/bottom of the message, so you may have to click
on the relevant hyperlink to get to the message of interest.  We
intend to fix this problem in the future, but this will take a bit
more work.

We are working our way through the newsgroups redoing all of the WAIS
indexes.  While each newsgroup is being indexed the WAIS search form
will not return results, but the problem will resolve itself when the
index for the group is completed.  Since the majority of the groups do
not take a long time and since our labor resources are limited, we are
merely sending out this warning notice.  There is no need to report
"broken" WAIS indexes to us unless you find one *after* we have posted
a future note saying that everything has been completed.

Thanks for your patience again during this transition period.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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