Rapid hybridization buffer

Martin Collinson MCOLLINSON at lab0.vet.ed.ac.uk
Tue Jul 9 11:37:06 EST 1996

jwood at its.dundee.ac.uk (JOHNNY WOOD) wrote:
> I have recently purchased Amersham's Rapid Hyb buffer.  Anyone have any hints 
> prior to use?  Can I dilute it?
We use it all the time, with nylon membranes.  Generally we pre-hyb 
 for 25-50 minutes, then hybridise for 1.5 hours (Northerns) or 2.5 hours
(library screening).

There's probably no need to dilute it - you won't use very much  (15ml
 for large hyb tubes is enough to cover the filters)

Martin Collinson  (MCOLLINSON at lab0.vet.ed.ac.uk)

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