anti-6Xhis antibody - any new info?

Mark Prescott Mark.Prescott at
Thu Jul 11 01:06:25 EST 1996

mcc9 at (Maria C. Costanzo) wrote:
>I would like to find out whether an antibody is available that would
>recognize a his-tag (only) and would give a strong signal without a high
>background against total yeast proteins.  Yes, I did scan the archives for
>this newsgroup and it seems that as of a few months ago, there were 3
>sources for anti-his tag antibodies.  One (from Qiagen) seemed to require
>3 specific residues next to the his tag for recognition; no one had much
>experience with the other two. Anything new on this subject?

A monoclonal antibody against hexahistidine (alone) is available from 
Dianova Gmbh, Postfach 30 1250, 20305 Hamburg (FAX 040 3221 90). We have 
used it successfully for the detection of yeast mitochondrial proteins 
tagged at their C-terminus with hexahistidine. Our work with using this 
antisera is scheduled to appear in Analytical Biochemistry vol. 238, No. 
1, 1996 pp.14-18.


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