long PCR

Paul N Hengen pnh at cutterjohn.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Jul 11 11:40:08 EST 1996

Huang (KHUANG at CHEMVX.TAMU.EDU) wrote:

: I remember that Paul wrote a summary in 1994 and long PCR inventor also wrote
: a tip in TIBS (1994), but the condition is too strict for me. 
: Paul, Why not write a summmary again, long pcr should have a big progess now?

I would be glad to, but in this group I only see alot of standard questions
about what people think is LA-PCR, ie. the amplification of 6-10 kb, which
I don't believe is really long PCR. Also, the answers are more or less the
same and I haven't seen any real progress with conditions different from that
published by Wayne Barnes. If you know of any "better" methods, please post
and discuss them. I'll be happy to produce a review if there are good tips
posted that seem to work.


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