electroporation of cosmids

Elke egreif at cc.umanitoba.ca
Thu Jul 11 11:19:47 EST 1996

We electroporate E. coli all the time with normal sized vectors using the
standard conditions i.e. 1.25-1.8 kV with 0.1 cm cuvettes. We are now
thinking of testing a cosmid ligation (cosmid is 4.5 kb, inserts are 35-45
kb) by direct electroporation into E. coli as we don't want to waste
anymore packaging extracts until we know we are gettting a fair number of
recombinant cosmids from the ligation. 

Question - Should we use different electroporation conditions for such
large plasmids? Different voltage? Increase or decrease pulse time?


Dave Boyd

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Hey, hey, hey, hey! That made me this way.

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