Susan Hogarth sjhogart at
Wed Jul 10 11:37:20 EST 1996


I want to sonicate some C. elegans genomic DNA for Cot analysis. 
Somewhere I remember hearing that the average fragment size should be 
~200bp. We have a sonicator in our lab but no manual with it. I'll 
proabably have about 50 micrograms of DNA in about 0.3 mls (in an 
eppendorf tube). Can anyone give me any "rules of thumb" for power, 
time, etc? The power supply has a scale from 1-10, but I don't know 
what those numbers mean... The probe is small enough to fit into the 
eppie, but I'm not sure exactly which size it is.

Should I run some of the sonicated DNA on a gel to check it? What can 
I expect to see?

Sorry if this question is too vague; I'm hoping there's some easy 
"rule of thumb" to follow.


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