long PCR?

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> I would like people's opinions on what are the best enzymes for doing
> long PCR.  Has anybody had outstanding success with the enzymes from
> any company in particular?
> I need to amplify a 10 kb product from plant genomic DNA, which
> probably has some problematic secondary structure just to keep life
> interesting.  I'm curious whether anybody thinks the Perkin Elmer long
> PCR kit is worth the expense for example (as opposed to say the
> Boehringer enzyme which is much cheaper).
> As well, if anybody has any good tips for doing long PCR from genomic
> DNA templates, I'd love to hear them.
> Thanks for any and all advice.

For an answer you can contactact Christopher James Herbert 
Herbert at cgm.cnrs-gif.fr. He uses a kit to amplify a fragment greater than
10 kb with genomic yeast DNA template.
Good luck.

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