Sure way to quantify Northern blots

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Thu Jul 11 13:32:44 EST 1996

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   jfl at (Jean-Francois Larrivee) wrote:
->Does anyone have a sure way to quantify Northern blots? 
->I'm having some trouble with the reproductibility of my results. I
->used to use a chromoscan and scan my autoradiograms, but it's very
->time consuming, not very effective and since I'm not the only one that
->uses the chromoscan, it's always uncalibrated.
->I plan to scan the autoradiograms on a computer scanner and then
->analyse them with a dedicated software.
->Are there any good PC-compatible software around to analyse these 

Anything will be fine as long as you have calibration curve with
your standard obtained in parallel with samples. Adobe Photoshop,
for example, will do. Without calibration, even specialized
hardware/software costing lots of $ does not assure correct results.

- Dima

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