Help with DNA isolation

nil nil
Thu Jul 11 12:58:13 EST 1996

>Hello Peeter,  
 I was isolating DNA from Cajanus cajan (pigeao pea) both from Cultivated
and wild species. Believe me I used to get a black DNA!!!
I tried (and it does work well) 
I used 100mM Sodium meta bisulphite
        2% PVP
         5mM Thiourea
        0.5% beta mercaptoethanol in my CTAB extraction buffer. All these
antioxidants are added freshly to the extraction buffer. 
      When you grind your plant material in liq.nitrogen, try adding
insoluble PVPP (2%) to the plant material directly. Then there is no need
for you to add in the extraction buffer.
(NOTE:you could add soluble PVP or insoluble PVPP in the extraction buffer)
I hope it helps you, Good Luck   
4104vsav at

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