unbiotinylating streptavidin ... ?

Keith Hoek -BIOCHEM hoek at biosci.uq.oz.au
Fri Jul 12 00:07:11 EST 1996

Dear all, I link biotinylated RNAs to streptavidin-coated magnetic beads
and use these to isolate RNA-binding proteins from highly complex mixtures.
As the beads are expensive I would like to know if I can reuse them.  I am
hesitant to simply wash the beads prior to reuse, as I would be unsurprised
to find that my RNA ligand has suffered at the hands of RNases that without
doubt inhabit the complex extracts I dunk my beads into.  So what I would
really like to know is ... how can I remove biotin from streptavidin in such
a way that leaves the streptavidin functionally intact?

Thanks for your attention.

Keith Hoek                                      hoek at biosci.uq.edu.au

mRNA transport          http://florey.biosci.uq.edu.au/~hoek/Pg1.html

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