Fraser Dr N J njf16154 at ggr.co.uk
Fri Jul 12 04:19:42 EST 1996

dlevitzke <dlevitzke at medicine-dmb.newcastle.edu.au> wrote:
>I was wondering if anybody out there has a protocol for DNA extraction 
>from a very small number of eukaryotic cells (ie 50-100 cells) that 
>could then be used for PCR, any tips would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in anticipation,
>Dale Levitzke  B.R.F.  Newcastle
 For this number of cells you should find that resuspension in about 20ul of
water, boiling, centrifugation and then use of the supernatant in your PCR
reaction should work. This seems to work up to 1000-10000 cels, above this you
tend to get something that inhibits the PCR.

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