semi-dry southern blotting

Coen van der Weijden cweijden at
Fri Jul 12 11:30:29 EST 1996

Dear methodsnetters,

       In our lab we have a semi-dry blotting apparatus for laemmli
       PAGE gels (Biorad Trans-Blot SD). According to the manual
       it must be possible with this machine to transfer DNA from
       agarose gels onto membranes (semi-dry Southern). After
       several try-out's we didnot succeed in a complete transfer
       onto nylon membranes. Either the current was too high
       resulting in a melted gel and patches of transfer or there was
       no transfer at all.
       Is there somebody around that has a nice protocol for
       semi-dry Southern blotting?

       Thanks in advance,

       Coen van der Weijden

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