GpppG cap and oocytes?

Jillian Johnston johnstoj at
Fri Jul 12 15:01:12 EST 1996

Laboratorio de Fisiopatologia Molecular (astutzin at BITMED.MED.UCHILE.CL) wrote:
: the transcripts we recently made using T3 RNA pol. are not being 
: expressed at all in the oocytes that we have injected.  The GpppG cap we 
: used is of questionable quality.  is it likely that this problem result 
: in total non-expression of out cRNA?
Transcrips must be capped in order to be translated in Xenopus
oocytes and embryos.  Uncapped transcripts are rapidly degraded.
We use cap analog from both Ambion and Pharmacia with equal
success.  I'm sure cap analog from other reputable companies is
just as good but time and money have prevented us from

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