Poly C PCR, anyone?

Brett Beitzel brett_beitzel at MSMTP.FS.SACI.ORG
Fri Jul 12 14:41:31 EST 1996

Subject:Poly C PCR, anyone?                        Date: 7/12/96

Has anyone ever used a poly C primer for PCR (or another homopolynucleotide
primer?)  I am trying to polyG tail a piece of DNA with Terminal transferase
and then PCR this tailed fragment with oligo(dC)16.  I know that my TdT is
working, but I can't get any product in my PCR.  I am wondering if there is
something odd that happens when you try to use a homopolynucleotide primer.

Also, any secrets for using oligo(dT) primers?  I've tried them a couple of
times, but have had a lot of difficulty getting a specific product.

Thanks for any info,
Brett Beitzel
brett_beitzel at msmtp.idde.saci.org
Cancer Therapy and Research Center
San Antonio, TX

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