endotoxin kit

Technical Assistance TechAssist at pierce.geis.com
Fri Jul 12 09:50:53 EST 1996

Marc Visconti wrote:
> Can someone please refer me to an endotoxin kit for protein
> preparations?  We unfortunately have endotoxin in the range of 1000
> EU/ml, and any help would be appreciated.
> Marc Visconti
> The Hospital for Sick Children
> Toronto, Canada

Dear Mark,

Pierce offer an endotoxin removing gel (Detoxi-gel, product #20344) that can 
be used to remove endotoxin from biological samples by affinity 
chromatography.  Whitaker Bioproducts (800-654-4452) sells a kit for 
determining the endotoxin level present.

Mark Reichardt
Pierce Technical Assistance

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