Cutting glass for sequencing plates?

Arioch sai at
Mon Jul 15 20:25:58 EST 1996

i used to do the sdame thing in a lab i worked in about 3 months ago.  we
slapped (more like clamping; slapping glass plates bad...:), 2 peices of
glass together, "combed" them, microwaved some agar
for about 30 sec, ran the heated agar down the sides of the plates to
create a seal and then poured the acrylamide...of course, this was b4 the
biorad stuff...then came the mini gel apparatus and things were much
faster from then on....cheers...

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On 14 Jul 1996, Rosemary T. Hoffman wrote:

> Ruth,
> Are you consistently using the same pair of glass plates in the same
> orientation?  
> When I was a grad student (all of 10 months ago) we had plain window glass
> cut at a local glaziers'.  There was variation in that some sheets were
> warped more than others.  I always clampled a pair of plates together and
> tried inserting the combs across the top.  When I found a combination

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