Luciferase plasmid yields

Mikhail Alexeyev malexeyev at
Tue Jul 16 15:44:07 EST 1996

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whc at (W.H. Colledge) wrote:

> We are having difficulties obtaining good yields of a CMVluciferase
> plasmid grown in DH5 alpha. Typically we only obtain about 50ug from 300ml
> TB cultures. Has anyone had similar problems? Is breakthrough luciferse
> expression toxic to E.Coli? Many thanks.
> Bill Colledge
> whc at

What protocol for plasmid isolation do you use? In my hands, TG1 would
yield up to 12-15 milligrams of pGL2 control (SV40 promoter + luciferase)
from 1 liter of TG1 after double banding in CsCl gradient. pCDNA3 with
luciferase cloned in it gives similar yield (CMV promoter).  

My suggestions: try different strain (recA+)
                try different protocol (especially if you are using a kit) and 
                see what your yields are going to be.



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