Repair of MJ Resrch PTC-100 (PCR machine)

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Tue Jul 16 22:45:08 EST 1996

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<<  Our warranty is expired and the
 keypad needs replacing but MJR doesn't seem to be willing to just sell
 us the part ($35) and let us fix it ourselves (and save on labor).  >>

It is interesting that MJ is following the Rainin (pipettman) philosophy.
 Don't sell piston assemblies or let the clumsy lab people repair their own
pipettors.  Pharmacia, Bio-Rad, Beckman,  Brinkman (eppendorf) even perkin
elmer/ABI do sell parts for in house repair.  I would think that if you
called a major company service group (Genentech and Chiron et al) you would
find that they have access to MJ parts!   Why don't you call a service person
at Oregon State or U of Oregon to see if they could get the parts for you?
 Or even call Chiron in Emeryville, CA?

Walt Schick 

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