Primer Problems

MELANSOND melansond at
Wed Jul 17 08:01:56 EST 1996

I am hoping someone will be able to help me with a problem we are having with 
our primers for the PCR.  We are following the instructions on reconsitution 
but have been getting nothing working when using them in the PCR.  We went 
back and tested the OD reading and it is very low (under half what it should 
be).  It is getting to the stage we are doubting the synthesis of them.  Does 
anyone else have or had problems with Life Technologies primers (don't get me 
wrong, I'm not trying to put down the company - we are happy with everything 
else we get from them)?  Is anyone able to give me the name of another 
company, that is similar in price, which you are pleased with their primers?
Although we are in New Zealand, we are happy to send overseas for the primers 
(we have to for Life Tech as well).
I'm hoping someone can help.  Its getting expensive buying primers that aren't 

Thanks in advance

Charlotte Cameron        email: hopkinsc at
Lincoln University
PO Box 84
New Zealand

	We have always used Integrated DNA Technologies.  (I am not affiliated)
 And you can order directly via the net  However, a few
months ago we began having problems, and couldn't figure out why.  The company
informed us that they had switched methods of synthesis, and so we figured this
was the problem.  Yet, it seems to be that the TAQ was the real culprit.  Have
you tested all your other parameters and narrowed it down to the primers?
	Good LUCK

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