RNA extraction- Phase Lock

Patrick HJ Falckh p.falckh at rmit.edu.au
Wed Jul 17 19:53:21 EST 1996

I have no information on the composition of the gel (and I would think 
you would be lucky to find out), however, I have used the PhaseLock gel 
from 5' Prime 3' in association with the Chomczynski method for 
extracting total RNA with varying success. More often-than-not there 
would be good division of the organic and aqueous phases which allowed 
the aqueous phase to be simlpy poured off rather than tedious pipetting. 
However, on occassions some of the gel mix would have some of the 
organic phase above it after the spin.  This has probably something to 
do with the volume range that is added to the tubes (although there was 
no literature on this when I got the gel), as well as the fact that the 
gel MUST be at the bottom of the tube BEFORE adding your tissue 
After the extractions the RNA remained stable (as much as it can) and I 
did a large number of extractions (>100) using preprepared microfuge 
tubes - at a cost. 
I no longer use their gel, only as a means to keep the cost of 
extractions down, however, I'm sure that if you approach them they would 
give you a number of samples to trial (free I would hope).

Usual disclaimer and no association with the company.


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