Touchdown pcr

Michael Kertesz kertesz at
Thu Jul 18 13:20:24 EST 1996

Hi Phillippe,

Touchdown gives me much better specificity, especially when the two 
primers have Tm's that are way apart. I start at an annealing temp. about 
10-15 deg. too high, then come down with it one degree per cycle, before 
finally running a "normal" PCR for 15-25 cycles at the end. We have a 
Trio-block, though, where it is dead easy to program, though...



Philippe Lefebvre wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> Does anyone has already used touchdown pcr, and could say more about pros and cons
> about this method.  May be is there even a protocol available out there?
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Dr Phil Good


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