Electroporation - need a biotechniques copy

Sebastian Bunka bunka at i112syw1.vu-wien.ac.at
Thu Jul 18 07:23:10 EST 1996

Hi, all

since we want to increase the transformation efficency of PCR
products ligated to "self-made" T-overhang vectors
I'd like to self construct an electroporator (NO, 
I don't have the money to buy a commercial one).
Since I can't get a copy of the biotechniques article

Speyer, J. F. (1990): A simple and effective electroporation 
apparatus. BioTechniques 8: 29-30

can someone please help me?!

Since it's only 2 pages maybe someone can scan it for me
and send me the gzip'ed files per e-mail (or by FAX??).

Furthermore, any experience with self-made electroporation ?

Thanks a lot!



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