Something living on colchicine!

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Thu Jul 18 14:40:01 EST 1996

On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Chromosome Terror wrote:

> Hello all,
> I just took a flask of colchicine stock solution (0.1M, or about 4%) that 
> had been kept at 4 degrees for about a year... and I found "something" 
> living on the bottom!
> Colchicine is a strong mutagen. The concentration used to arrest cellular 
> development at metaphase is a hundred times lower than that in the flask.
> I'm amazed some fungi can grow in those conditions!

Are you sure that they are fungi? Bacteria are pretty resistant to 
colchicine. Or may be those fungi cannot permeate colchicine well.

Another possibility is that colchicine was inactivated after a year. 
Or may be you have a contamination of Fusarium colchicinofilus Mal., a 
fungus that need colchicin to grow when it is not a symbiont of the giant 
moth of the Amazonas.

Lo que no cabe duda es que eres un guarro.


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