I need an expression vector with amplfiable selective marker

Tom Vink tvink at xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 19 03:19:27 EST 1996

David Misztal <D.Misztal at unsw.edu.au> wrote:

>I am looking for a mammalian expression vector with an amplifiable selective marker 
>e.g. glutamine synthetase but I cant use mutant cell lines so the DHFR/methotrexate 
>system is unsuitable. Could someone please donate some DNA to me 

>thanks in advance

>Sean Duncan

Dear David,

We have pretty good results with an expression vector (pNUT) with a
mutant DHFR cDNA resistant to high concentrations of methotrexate. You
can use this vector in any cell line so you donot need a DHFR- mutant.
If you wanna know more send me a message.

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