How do you quantitate DNA with a flourimeter?

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Sat Jul 20 13:38:46 EST 1996

CHUCK,    I believe that one of the benefits of using a flourometer to measure 
the concentration of DNA over the spec, is that it wont "see" RNA, and 
therefore your readings more accurately show what DNA is there. However, this 
method does not allow you to determine the quality of the NA.  We have a 
Hoefer DYNA-Quant (No affiliation), and the basic premise is that the dye 
(Hoescht) will bind to the DNA (not RNA) and flouresce.  The flouremter 
measures the amount of flourescent compared with both a zero and a known 
standard and tada...  I now use the flourometer solely for DNA, and the spec 
for RNA, unless I am very worried about quality, and then I will double check 
with the spec.
Hope this helps 

I recently found out a lab in our building has a flourimeter (supposedly) 
and was wondering how people use them to quantitate DNA (I have
heard it is more accurate than UV). I would like to do this since the
readings we get with our spec seem a little unrealistic when comparing to
the gel. What companies carry flourimeters?



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