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>Subject:About Euro Taq Patent                      Date: 7/17/96
>I was wondering that since the Roche patent on natural Taq was declined, but
>the recombinant Taq patent was granted (or upheld, whatever...) what effect
>will this have on the production of Taq? If another company, say, uses a
>different expression vector or uses a different bug to produce Taq, would
>this be covered by the Roche recombinant Taq patent? In other words, does the
>Roche patent cover their specific method for producing recombinant Taq, or
>does it cover all methods of producing recombinant Taq?
It covers the use of the gene itself, so it doesn't matter how or what
bug you express it in. Obviously the patent only applies is those
countries where it is granted, however you can't procuce recombinant Taq
in say Antartica and expect to be able to export and sell it in a
patented country. That would still be an infringement.

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