Stuttering (Laddering) in Sequencing Gel

Yihong Wang ywang at CLEMSON.EDU
Mon Jul 22 15:31:51 EST 1996

I need to rephrase the similar question I asked in previous posting. I have
been doing AFLP (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism) for sometimes. I
got this problem of stuttering bands (or laddering) occasionally before
(although lately I got more). Those bands range from 50 to 800 bps and look
only differing by one base. Has anyone had this problem before? I use Kodak
BioMax STS-45i thermoplate sequencer and run gel at 70 W constant power for
2.5 h. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Yihong Wang
Department of Plant Pathology & Physiology
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0377
email: ywang at

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