I need a good cosmid isolation protocol

martin LEACH leach at bu.edu
Mon Jul 22 14:01:42 EST 1996

Hi Michael,

i had problems with the qiagen protocol several years ago.

In the end I used the old-fashioned miniprep protocol...and subjected the mix
to several phenol/chloroform extractions to clean it up. Finally, ppt'd the
DNA with etoh......any old miniprep protocol using phen/chlo should work..



Michael R. King (king1 at students.uiuc.edu) wrote:
: Can anyone give me a reference to a protocol giving high yield cosmid
: isolation.  I've used the kits like Qiagen but they don't work very well. 
: I'm doing a basic mini-prep as I type this but I thought I would get a
: little advice.

: Kind regards,

: Michael R. King

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