Christopher Dubay dubayc at ohsu.edu
Tue Jul 23 11:33:27 EST 1996

In article <imcfarlane.14.31EE7552 at its.dundee.ac.uk> imcfarlane at its.dundee.ac.uk (IAN MCFARLANE) writes:
>Subject: Bubble-getters
>From: imcfarlane at its.dundee.ac.uk (IAN MCFARLANE)
>Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 17:33:06 GMT


>Does anyone know where I can buy a bubble-getter from. (Bubble-getter=long 
>thin piece of plastic with a notch in it for removing bubbles from DNA 
>sequencing gels). A neighbouring lab got one from Promega with their points 
>but we don't have any points :(  . Alternately how thick a piece of plastic 
>would I have to cut to make one for a 0.4mm gel.

>TIA     Ian Mc

We used to cut a strip from a large piece of X-ray film, and cut a hook like
notch in the end. Works well.


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