Assay for Carbon-14

Herbert H. Winkler herbertw at SUNGCG.USOUTHAL.EDU
Wed Jul 24 13:27:16 EST 1996

The sample was combusted, the 3H2O was coolected in a cold trap and the 
CO2 in any organic amine.  The generic name was a Harvey 
biological-material oxidizer.  Packard Tri-Carb used to make one.  This 
is Dark Age stuff (but still elegant technology).

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Richard J Treinen wrote:

> I'm looking for sources of a C-14 assay often used with biological
> samples.  I've used this technique 20 years ago, however, I can't
> remember the equipment brand name.   The name Carboxysorb comes to mind -
> however I've had no luck searching under this name.  The technique
> involves a total oxidation of biologic tissue sample.  The produced CO2
> is trapped in a fluid and flushed into a scintilation vial ready for
> counting.  The method worked well with liver tissue.  We identified the
> binding sites of metabolized carbontetrachloride.  The equipment I used
> then and am looking for now was automated.    A weighed sample was placed
> in the oxidation chamber, a button was pushed, all the carbon was burned
> to CO2 which was trapped in a fluid ready for scintilation counting.  My
> current application of this method is for tracer analysis of crude oil
> samples.  Direct scintilation counting of crude oil does not work due to
> the opaqueness of the crude oil.  Is anyone familar with the equipment
> used for this assay?  I would appreciate some leads.
> Richard Treinen
>                        rtreinen at
>             Arco Exploration & Production Technology
>                           Plano, Texas

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