Carbon 14 Assay Instrument

Rich Treinen rtreinen at
Wed Jul 24 12:41:39 EST 1996

I'm looking for sources of a C-14 assay often used with biological 
samples.  I've used this technique 20 years ago, however, I can't 
remember the equipment brand name.   The name Carboxysorb comes to 
mind - however I've had no luck searching under this name.  The 
technique involves a total oxidation of biologic tissue sample.  The 
produced CO2 is trapped in a fluid and flushed into a scintilation 
vial ready for counting.  The method worked well with liver tissue.  
We identified the binding sites of metabolized carbontetrachloride.  
The equipment I used then and am looking for now was automated.    A 
weighed sample was placed in the oxidation chamber, a button was 
pushed, all the carbon was burned to CO2 which was trapped in a fluid 
ready for scintilation counting.  My current application of this 
method is for tracer analysis of crude oil samples.  Direct 
scintilation counting of crude oil does not work due to the opaqueness 
of the crude oil.  Is anyone familar with the equipment used for this 
assay?  I would appreciate some leads.

Richard Treinen
                       rtreinen at
            Arco Exploration & Production Technology
                          Plano, Texas

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