[Q] Sonication times for E. coli?

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>> Hello.  How long should one sonicate E. coli cells for in order to
>> break down most cells
>1) Sonicate until the suspension has a "dirty dishwater" look, instead of
>looking sort of "creamy".
>2) Take 100 ul aliquots at various times, including before you start.
>Centrifuge 1 min. in Eppendorf centrifuge. As cells break the pellet gets

A lot depends on the sonicator power, cell density and the volume you
are trying to sonicate. I remember years ago seeing a paper suggesting
that the release of nucleic acids is monitored ie OD260 as an indication
of breakage. I also remember a paper on purification of EcoR I from a
super-over-expressing clone where they found the best yield was by
sonicating a very dilute suspension of cells - much more so than one
would normally have used. 


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