Staining gels in a microwave

Fri Jul 26 12:22:22 EST 1996

Some years back, when I was running two/four gels everyday (almost), I 
used to stain the gels in 0.5% CBB-R for an hour and destain at 50-60 C 
using the standard convection oven. The destaining was fast (30 min to 
1h) and nice, with little background remaining. I used to use Pyrex glass 
trays and foil cover. However, there was no escaping the acetic acid 
vapor. But, after the first time, I used to remove the cover after the 
tray and the gel was cooled down in the cold room. That minimized the 
unpleasant vapor.
	I think 3min at full power in a microwave is too much. To use the 
microwave, it should be set at 30-40% power and run for 5-10 min.

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