Something living on colchicine!

Chris Boyd chrisb at
Thu Jul 25 03:53:23 EST 1996

David Grant (dgrant at wrote:
: I once found something (probably bacteria) growing in my 20% SDS in ddH2O

E. coli grows quite well in L broth + 20% SDS.  In fact, you can
use this to cure it of (some) plasmids -- a sort of E. colonic

  author =       "M. Tomoeda and M. Inuzuka and N. Kubo and S.  
  title =        "{Effective elimination of drug resistance and sex
                 factors in {\it Escherichia coli} by sodium dodecyl
  journal =      "J. Bacteriol.",
  volume =       "95",
  pages =        "1078--1089",
  year =         "1968",

I tried this once, but it wasn't as good as acridine orange curing.

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