yeast tRNA amber suppressor and John Tesh

GriffCouch griffcouch at
Fri Jul 26 15:38:57 EST 1996

In reference to your John Tesh question, don't you remember the 1968
Olympics when he was America's MOST PROMISING male gymnast with a shot at
the gold? Unfortunately he took a BIIIIIG step on all of his landings, and
placed 35th. Thus his need to stress the importance of sticking your
landings (Ha, Ha). So, with his tail between his legs, he pursued sports
broadcasting, failed; joined Entertainment Tonight, was let go;
consequently, he writes music in his spare time.  Now, looking at that
track record, we too would like to know why on earth anyone would hire
this man to be a commentator for the female gymnastics events--some of the
most watched olympic events of people young and old. He is not worthy of
commenting on even the most unpopular sports events like pot bellied pig

We think he sucks.

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