Advice on anti Ras Ab's needed

Ole Gjoerup ovg at
Tue Jul 23 10:10:11 EST 1996

Hi Troels,

Troels Wind (wind at wrote:
: Hi all,

: I would appreciate if anybody could let me know about their experience
: with monoclonal antibodies towards Ras p21, commercial or not.

: I'll need some that can be used in Westerns and some that will recognise
: a conformationally epitope only.

I guess I'm confused: The conformational antibodies often will not work in 
Westerns since the protein is denatured by SDS. If you want a good 
blotting antibody for ras, you probably should use 146. I don't think 
that's conformational. However, I think that 238 and 259, or at 
least one of them, is conformational. They can be obtained from Santa Cruz 
or UBI. They're (I think) not great in blotting, but work well in I.P.



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